Michael J. Barrett

Vice President, Global Head of Collateral Management Services and Solutions, Genpact Headstrong Capital Markets

Michael Barrett has nearly thirty years of experience in banking and securities, with the last fifteen years focused on global markets and global securities services including global market infrastructure, global securities clearance and custody, and global securities finance including collateral management.

Michael joined Genpact (NYSE symbol “G”) in early 2013 to head the Collateral Management practice for the Financial Markets Solutions Group (FMS). Liquidity and risk management, coupled with global legislative and regulatory changes, comprise some of the most compelling challenges faced by financial markets participants. Managing the collateral which enables trading between counterparties, clearing and settling trades, and optimizing the collateral needed to maintain and grow businesses while ensuring that firms meet new regulatory liquidity requirements, all make collateral management the lynchpin in the smooth functioning of global financial markets.


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